What do we do?

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Web Admin Tech is a full package of administrative tasks, from website design to secretarial assistance and business advice.

Our aim is to optimize our customer’s businesses administrative work by virtualizing data using advanced software programs/modules. Hence a clear and overall simplified view allowing to see the business pros and cons quickly so measures can be taken to move your business forward with less efforts.

We offer a new way to help your business growth. We will help you run a data-driven business. Using the latest technologies in Hardware and Software makes this possible.


Each category/family data is processed into its own module of software on our servers. In real time the data is transfered at a higher level with all the categories/families into their modules enabling to process large amounts of data without any loss.

In two words, our modules are inter-connected between themselves. As a result, a clear view on bookkeeping, HR, administrative tasks will be accessible through your internet browser. We maintain our databases to keep and process all the data safely in the cloud and on NAS on ssd.