Marketing & Advertising Module: 250$US (One time Setup)

Create and set-up email and 6 main social networks:

• Email with Gmail
• Linkedin Account, Business Linkedin account
• Facebook Business Page
• Twitter Account
• Google Plus Account, Google Maps, Google Drive
• Pinterest Account
• Youtube Account (Optional, but important)

You will need to provide us:

• Address
• a logo,
• Pictures of you and your team
• Pictures of your business and
• Whatever pictures you would like to appear in your Social Networks (quality pictures please)
With texts:
• Any volunteering or charity (optional)
• 2 texts of 300 words describing your business (optional,fee)
• Whatever other text you would like to appear on your SN
Videos for Youtube (Optional, Fee) Once we’ve got all this information, we will create and organize your Social Network Strategy.
This will be done in approximately 48 hours.

You will then have a social presence on the main social networks and we will be able to start

Phase 2 which is the running, maintenance, and growth of your presence on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex

Phase 2 of Social Network Management: 30$US per month: (2 hours a week)

We will do the maintenance of the SN Strategy
• Content Management
• Curating
• Sharing

2 hours/week of marketing
During these 2 hours we will:

• Organize your content marketing (finding related content to your business, curation of content…)
• Promote your business through the above social networks
• Share to contacts lists

We will provide you with weekly, monthly, yearly reports sent through emails